Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Bit More on Cuckholding

As this is one of the more popular subjects, we have collected some different materials, and thought they should be posted, so here it goes:

    Poor defeated husband is forced to watch his conqueror take his sexy, nubile wife "doggy style."

    Her cucked husband isn't even permitted to watch as his wife orally satisfies her dominant bull.

    This sexy blonde wife enjoyed watching her master slap and kick her husband into a sobbing mess.

    A grateful wife rewards her bull for beating and stripping her husband, as she sits on hubby's face.

    This sexy wife is pounded to a raucous orgasm by the man who beat up and humiliated her hubby.

    Oh, you sad cucked bitch, tied up, forced to watch, spat & cummed upon, as wifey humiliates him.

    Another sexy wife has a thunderous orgasm as her black bull gives her his full measure.

    All he can do is susck ass, as he's forced to watch his dominant best friend take his sexy wife.

    The poor bastard is inconsolable, sobbing and hiding his little penis, as wifey rides her black stud.

    Another sad sack cuckold, distraught as his bully and his wife both feel free to fuck in front of him,

    Another sexy blonde wife cums hard, all over her aggressive black bull's massive cock.

    Another defeated and humiliated cuckold, forced to watch his wife have sex with his tormentor.

    The tied up nerd/loser sees his powerful neighbor bring his hot wife to orgasm on their marital bed.

    Another horrified cucked husband watches his sexy Asian wife suck off her sexy black bull.

Friday, August 21, 2015

"What These Women Love is the Sword!"

Full Inspiration and Co-Authorship Credit to Tim Jones

In the Roman Empire, the adoption of gladiatorial fights as state-sanctioned entertainment occurred around 100 B.C.  Prior to then, gladiatorial fights were generally unorganized events that occurred in more private settings.  Some theorize that gladiatorial events began as funeral tradition, intended to honor the dead through a display of bravery and manliness.  Many theorize that the Romans borrowed the gladiatorial games concept from Greek and other more ancient civilizations, none of whom conducted the same on any large scale, or with any degree of widespread appeal.  What we do know for certain is that by roughly 100 B.C., gladiatorial games were large, public, state-sanctioned events, conducted and intended for the entertainment of the masses in Roman society.

The most prolific displays of these gladiator fights took place at the Amphitheater in Pompeii, pictured above.  The Amphitheater there was built circa 80 B.C. by a private citizen who donated the same to the government of Pompeii.  With a capacity of nearly 20,000, the Pompeii Amphitheater held a very rowdy and bloodthirsty crowd, as men sometimes fought wild beasts and always fought each other, all for the pleasure of the crowd.

The elite and common Roman women of the time would have looked very much like this young lady, depicted above.  The lower the social class assigned to her by birth, the more plain the robes worn would have been.  From the onset, women were generally mixed with the men in the audience for gladiatorial games, according to most historians of Ancient Rome. In fact, Ovid's book, Art of Love (163-176), mentions that the gladitorial Amphitheater is an excellent place for young men to meet pretty girls.  This strongly suggests that there was a less structured, more general seating arrangement at such games that prevailed, until at least a date late in the reign of Augustus.  Overcrowding  at events eventually led Augustus to decree that women would be relegated to the top and back of the amphitheater.

The "mixing" of the sexes went so far as to evoking fights between the members of the public, and having men and women copulating on the stalls - and not only at Circus Maximus. The ultimate play in the arena was a depiction of death, or rather, of the triumph of life over death (except in the sine missio matches, in which the winner was immediately to fight another, and another, until all had died), and that spectacle evoked lust passions of all sorts.

Women, as well as men, found gladiatorial contests, and gladiators, attractive. Some much-quoted epigraphic evidence suggests that this attraction might be sexual: at Pompeii, the retarius Crescens was known as "the netter of girls by night" and "the girls' darling."  Thracians were a favourite symbol of manliness because much of their body was left visible to the audience. This obviously constituted a potential danger to the Roman male's control over his womenfolk. It proved impossible to put a stop to stories about sexual associations between gladiators and women of the elite, even including empresses. The wife of Marcus Aurelius, Faustina, was suspected of having had affairs with gladiators; as "only this could explain why her son Commodus was so interested in the sport." Many women wore hairpins and other jewelry dipped in gladiator blood, and some even mixed gladiator sweat - then considered an aphrodisiac - into facial creams and other cosmetics. Roman anxieties about the sexual attractions of women to gladiators are given expression by the fact that they are classified together with prostitutes in Roman legislation, and that grammatical texts associate the Latin word for the gladiator's trainer (lanista) with that for a pimp (leno).

Lydon (Duncan Regehr) defeats the Roman champion, as a lady of stature looks on, in the movie "Last Days of Pompeii" (1984).

Emotions ran high in the amphitheaters, where spectators are reported as screaming "Kill him!," "Lash him!," and "Brand him!" according to the letters of Seneca (7, 5).  The loser earned a final, "He has it!," as in he has "death" or a "death blow."  The winner was bestowed with accolades, remembrances and prizes, including money. The crowd was given the judging power of life or death over the losing gladiator.  Still, deaths were more rare than often imagined.

The satirist Juvenal (Saturae 6, 110, ff.) recounted the amorous sentiments of a lady named Eppia for a particular heroic gladiator, his massive collection of disfiguring wounds having no dissuading effect on her, for he was after all a warrior.  

Juvenal and his contemporaries noted that the popularity of the gladiators and their violent games had permeated the whole of society.  It was common to find drawings of gladiators on the walls of caves and homes.  Souvenirs and every-day usage items depicting gladiators and gladitorial acts were rampant.  Many statues of the time showed gladiators together with the god of love, or with the god of fertility (Priapus - known for his large, erect phallus).  Rumors were rampant that the wives of elite men, even senators and emperors, possessed and communicated their amorous crushes upon the stars of the arena.  The graffiti of the time shows that the stars of the games were considered extremely sexually attractive, praised as lovers and the objects of the sexual enthusiasm of most girls and women.  So much is this the case that a decidedly distraught Juvenal goes on to admit in his papers that, "What these women love is the sword!"

In other words, scenes like these, both above and below, were very common occurrences in the Roman Empire, as women of all ages, likes and classes fantasized about having sexual relations with these physically powerful gladiators.  

Some, as this queen in blue, would watch the combatants battle in front of her in a private match, and become turned on as she carefully surveyed the damaged body of the dead loser.

The wives of the elite class would invite the well-hung and manly gladiators to their beds, sometimes in spite of or in front of their wealthy and powerful husbands, essentially cuckolding the leaders of Rome.

Although society has fought mightily in the last 2000 years to change our outlook on the concept of fights to the death for the entertainment of the masses, and for the sexual stimulation of women, this primitive concept remains alive in many of us.  Our movies continue to reflect an inner desire for this kind of violence.  The evolution of boxing into MMA is the result of this primitive burning desire to see a more violent form of competition.  The sentiment that built the Coliseum, pictured above, still burns within many of us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Millionth Discreet Visit

   Some lovely ladies, decked out in dresses, enjoying a manly head crushing slam into the grass.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

During the early part of this week, this blog officially had its ONE MILLIONTH discreet visitor, meaning that for the one-millionth time, someone accessed one of our blog pages.  That's quite a mile stone, considering how small we are and how unique our fetish is.

In case you've wondered, here are some interesting stats about people who visit this blog:

Google Searches is our number 1 referrer, with more than 100,000 page views attributable to such searches.  The majority of visitors are clearly return visitors who have us bookmarked and visit us directly, without a referring URL.

The number one subcategory of this fetish among our visitors, by a wide margin, is the "comparing of cock sizes."

Our Forum page, standing alone, has more than 84,000 discreet visitors that come and read its content, from time to time.  Considering there are only maybe 20-30 members that post material in the Forum on an ongoing basis, you should all know your materials are very widely read.

About half of our visitors are from North America (United States - 45% and Canada - 5%).  The UK supplies about 15% of our visitors.  The rest of Europe supplies around 8% of our visitors, with Germany making up about half that total.

Australia and India make up about 3% of our visitors, and Russia gives us about 1% of visitors.

The other 23% of visitors are from all over the unmentioned parts of the world, such as Baltic states, Slavic states, Nordic states and various parts of Asia.

So, if you have some material you'd like to share with this rather larger, worldwide audience we have, please submit your material for posting using the "Submit!" key at the top of the blog's opening page, where instructions for submission are given.  You can create a by-line for yourself, or if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.  We will consider publishing anything that is on topic with the fetishes we exist to cover.

Thanks for your readership and continued support.

Best regards,


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Advertising Trailer for Crabbie's Grand National Festival

Most of you will be familiar with the photograph shown above.  We've used it before because it is a wonderful depiction of the natural order ... two men shirtless and fist fighting each other for the honor and enjoyment of a beautiful lady.  The photo comes from a video trailer made to promote what I believe is an annual three-day equestrian event, called Crabbie's Grand National Festival.  But that is completely unimportant to my reasons for re-displaying the above photo here.  Because the photo does such a wonderful job capturing the essence of our fetish, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the trailer and pull out some additional stills that amplify the value of this piece to persons of our persuasion.  Enjoy!

The black-haired man rears back to place more energy into his forthcoming punch, then starts the swing of his left arm toward the face of his opponent.

The black-haired man's left fist makes contact with the face of his red-headed opponent, giving off a resounding crack.

The black-haired man follows through on his punch, snapping the head of his opponent to the left.

The red-headed man begins to fall from the impact of the powerful punch he has received, as his opponent presses forward, presumably to get on top of his downed opponent and to pound him into unconsciousness.

The beautiful brunette watching the action continues to fan herself.  She cracks a smile as she looks down at the action on the ground, clearly enjoying the fact that the black-haired man is now dominating and hurting his red-headed opponent in front of her.

Our obviously pleased gorgeous lady looks up from the pounding being administered to the red-headed man and draws her attention to the straining muscles in the winner's back.  She is glowing and, without doubt, sexually stimulated at this point.

The victor stands in guarded position, waiting to make sure his opponent will not rise for further conflict.  Our sexy brunette spectator in the background has turned square to the action and is leaning forward, so as to get a better look at the damage done to the losing man.

The victor issues either a final threat or final challenge to his downed opponent.  Our beauty sits more upright, at the edge of her seat, intrigued by what result will be attained.  Her fan now flutters more quickly, capturing her increased excitement and anxiety.

The victor is pleased to hear his opponent's indication of surrender.  Our beauty opens her fan more widely and flickers the same in a more relaxed manner.  Perhaps she is satisfied with the way this ended.  Perhaps part of her wishes the ending was even more violent and definitive.  What we do know for sure is that she quite enjoyed the violent combat that took place in her presence, for her affections.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

No, We're Not Dead .....

Ladies and gentlemen, although there hasn't been a new post in the main blog in some time, we are not dead, just on a short hiatus.  Between February and April, our burden at work goes up greatly due to tax compliance responsibilities.  Therefore, we don't have much time to generate posts in the main blog.

Our members, however, are continually creating and posting material, from pictures, video links, to stories and dialogue, in the Forum section.  Please feel free to read the material there and join in the conversation.  The Forum link is up above in the series of red buttons at the top of our page.  New material should start to be posted in the main blog section in the latter half of April.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Esmarelda Villa Lobos From Pulp Fiction

Esmarelda Villa Lobos, played by Angela Jones, is a smouldering hot, curly-haired latina brunette from Colombia.  She drives a cab for a living.  She loves men's boxing and even listens to the play-by-play of the big fights on her cab radio. She is the Pulp Fiction character who picks up Butch (Bruce Willis) as her fare just after he has killed another man (Floyd) in the boxing ring.  

Esmarelda is mesmerized with her new fare.  She can't stop asking him about what it feels like to have killed another man in the boxing ring -- "beating another man to death with your bare hands" -- as Esmarelda sexily and emphatically states the question.  There's no question that Esmarelda is more than scientifically enthralled with the concept of one man killing another.  Her turned on expressions and phraseology leave no doubt that the thought of such violence between men has her moistening her own panties in sexual excitement.

Watch and listen for yourself:


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and A Special Video Clip

Happy Valentine's Day!  The day in the year 269, when the Bishop of Rome gave his life in martyrdom to protest the order of Caesar, which forbade members of the Roman legion from marrying.  The Bishop commanded that the order be disregarded and that all Church officials proceed to conduct marriages without regard to the orders of Rome.  He is the reason the modern day Catholic marriage proceedings to this day contain the paraphrased verse, "what God has joined, let no man put asunder." Like many of you, he was willing to take a beat down for love.

And now, a very special video clip:

Goddess Rodea Wants to Watch You (Yes, You, Nerd) Get Pummeled By Her Ex-Boyfriend!!

The only way this video clip could have been any better is if it had the Goddess showing us a little more of her amazing body, and if it ended when the ex-boyfriend was walking toward the camera, both fists balled up, as the Goddess began masturbating and urging him on.

This clip captures the very essence of the fetish around which this blog was created.  We hope the Goddess will go on to do more of these.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Porn Star Katie Jordin Gets Turned On Watching Men Fight

The hot little brunette porn star, Katie Jordin (a/k/a Katie Jordon and Katie Jordan), gets turned on when she witnesses two guys fighting.  Katie has been a long-time veteran of the California porn scene.  She began as more of a softcore actress, but transitioned to harder sexual content over time.  She's made hundreds of hard core porn videos and films since she came on the scene, first using her real first name (Erin), as far back as 2003.  And I'm very thankful to say that her curriculum vitae includes participation in, as well as arousal from what some might term to be fairly sadistic situations.  I normally do not extend the attitudes of characters that actors play to be those of the actor in the personal sense. But here, I am reasonably certain that Katie is actually and personally aroused by such things.

Born some 30 years ago, this hard bodied "spinner" brunette began taking the porn world by storm with her aggressive declarations concerning her own enjoyment of some of the more taboo sexual techniques. That enthusiasm translated into her meteoric rise in the industry and led to her prolific catalog of works.  She is now retired and living in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

Katie stands 5'7" and weighed approximately 120 lbs. during her film career, sporting a curvaceous 34B-24-34 figure that would be envied by most any other woman.

Her piercing hazel eyes, infectious smile, stunning looks, previously noted enthusiasm and penchant for unabashed sexual dialogue made her a favorite with fans and producers, alike.  She is one the very few porn actresses that I personally consider to be among the most desirable of all time.

Included in her catalog is a photo shoot where she portrayed a sadistic spanking nun, doling out bare-assed, blistering spankings to lovely sorority women.  Other roles include a film as a lesbian axe-wielding gladiator, a lead role in a softcore lesbian S&M film called Daughters of Darkness, and a lead role as a sadist in a film called Sorority Sadists.

But the cherry at the top of this lovely brunette's repertoire, as far as we are concerned at GGBV, is the following scene from a hard core porn video, produced by Naughty America, that involves Katie getting turned on by a fight between two men.  She provokes one man to beat up the other man for being a peeping tom, watches the one-sided fight, begins masturbating and then seduces her "winner" when he returns from combat.

See the video clip below.


You can read more about Katie, see more pictures of her and even attempt to communicate with her at the following Websites:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The BBC Made-for-TV Movie, "Colosseum: A Gladiator's Tale"

Today, I write to explore a bit more on the issue of gladiators in ancient Rome.  The work I've selected to discuss is a "docu-drama" produced by the BBC as a broadcast television movie.  The title is "Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story."

Much of what we know in the factual sense concerning the actual conduct of gladiatorial fights in the Colosseum comes from the account of the Roman poet, Martial, and his first-hand account of the fight between Verus and Priscus, held at the behest of Caesar Titus. The rest of what we know is anecdotal in nature, learned through archeological records or theoretical.

This docu-drama attempts to cover the life of Verus, a Balkan captive and slave, who rose from the rock quarries to become the most renown of gladiators.  Of particular interest in this movie is it's depiction of a private gladiatorial fight held at the residence of an aristocrat, for the wealthy and important guests attending a private party. I've included the 4-minute excerpt concerning this fight as a video clip below, at the bottom of this entry.

Verus is made to fight another gladiator for the entertainment of the aristocrat and his guests.  The guests include many Roman women, dressed in bloodthirsty red robes, as well as men.  There is an exchange of attacks with swords and the incursion of mutual superficial wounds.  In the end, Verus gets the best of his opponent, and the honored guest gives the thumbs down.  Verus kills his opponent in front of all the aristocrats and their horny wives, and afterward, the guests all chant his name in honor of his win.

In particular, the fight is witnessed with great interest by the beautiful Imperial Lady, played by the stunning Tunisian actress, Dorra Zarrouk.  Now 35, Dorra was just 23 at the time this film was made in 2003 (released in 2004).  She is a former economist and fashion model, turned actress, whose acting career has now blossomed. In 2012, she was voted the most beautiful woman in Tunisia. Below are some pictures of the lovely Dorra Zarrouk.

Dorra's character plays an active role in searching out the gladiators for the fight at the private party. She joins Titus in traveling to the gladiator school to review candidates, wearing a perpetual smile on her pretty face. When the gladiators are joined to fight at the party, she is front and center, longingly staring at Verus as he is handed his weapon. In part, it is made clear that this fight to the death is for her entertainment, is her personally-made arrangement and has her explicit approval.  In her own way, she wants Verus to know this and makes a show of it, before he is joined in combat.

During the fight, Dorra's character intensely watches the combat but shows no emotion.  She smiles and applauds after Verus has killed his opponent and the guest of honor has raised Verus' hand in victory. The message conveyed is that the wealthy and powerful women of Rome were also sadists, who took lustful sexual pleasure in watching men kill each other.  No doubt, the men of Rome exploited their women's built-up sexual excitement, once they got them back home.

There is a primal, natural connection between violence and sex.  The Romans exploited this connection on a regular basis to make what was a mundane and difficult existence into something more substantial and palatable.  Although society tries to repress this instinct in us, it no doubt lurks in our background and sometimes still comes out to play.  As dark as it may be, it simply cannot be washed away from our nature.


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